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FLN-18-GR FLN-18-GR No Twist Fly Furled Leader, Grey, 6 feet, about 1.8 mt

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Price: 9.62 Eur

VAT included

The GVS FLN-18-GR is Furled Leader twisted and is Anti-Twist and hand-woven. The final is made of several threads of nylon fibers. During the launch phase, it creates a refined loop and an excellent presentation of artificial insects. The Furled Leader has no memory and is more resistant than normal monofilament leader, prevent Leader from twisting when using voluminous flies. At the end has a ring that helps connect the fisherman in connection with the fly line, at the tip end of the tippet there is a tiny ring for fixing a monofilament or a fluorocarbon.

The GVS FLN-18-GR finishes Grey, and with lengths: 6 feet ( about 1.8 mt). It ise suitable for Fly Lines with AFTMA # 3, 4 and 5 weights.