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Caddisfly (Trichoptera)


GVS The Realistic Caddisflies

Our imitations of artificial Insects are very similar to the natural insects, they are built using products from GVS Realistic Fly Ting System, high quality and durability that allow the construction of very realistic Caddisflies and at the same time to challenge the Fish Fauna during your fishing trips.
Here you can find a wide selection of Caddisflies, represented in all life stages from Larva to the Spent, different as colors and sizes, covering most of Species and Subspecies of Caddisflies that are present in nature in the various geographic areas of the our Planet. The selection of our Realistic Flies will allow you to have the natural Caddisflies imitations that most are for you. Considering the similarity with the insects, it will be very easy to mislead fish, so each capture will result being a successful challenge.