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EBP_150Many times during the manufacturing of Artificial Flies occurs the issue regarding the manner of accomplishing the Body with the Extended Body system by using Foam of varied thicknesses, namely the accomplishment of the fly’s body by using a support enabling its execution in the easiest way and make it closer to that of the usual bugs and hence more realistic. The making of Extended Bodies from Foam shall no longer be an issue. Actually by using GVS EBP (Extended Body Pins) Supports made of Stainless Steel Wire, it shall be possible to make the bodies themselves without any difficulty.

The GVS EBP kit includes 4 Supports of varied thicknesses that enable the accomplishment of Extended Bodies from Foam with thicknesses varying between 1 and 6 millimetres that shall enable you to subsequently make realistic Flies with Wings of sizes spanning between  #4 and # 24. Each GVS EBP Support is equipped with a spring enabling the blocking of the tied line for assembly from the inside. Once the making of the body is finalized, we shall be able by pulling this surplus part of the line to bend the foam body upwards or downwards in order to make it as similar as possible to the body of the real Flies.

GVS EBP Supports are delivered in a Kit of 4 supports under the form of the following models: GVS EBP1, GVS EBP2, GVS EBP3, GVS EBP4. They may be used to make extended bodies for the following types of artificial Flies: Mayflies, Caddisfly, Stonefly and Terrestrial, as well as for any other imitation type of Flies using GVS Selections Foam.

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1 Products