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Purchase Terms and Conditions


Online orders represent an undertaking to purchase our ordered products  after your payment is finalized and approved.

Prices of the Products

 Prices are indicated both gross and net of VAT by a selection from the upper part of the page on our webpage. They observe the current provisions on the applicable regulations regarding VAT on sale. For clients from the EU is always applied the VAT effective in Romania (24%). The last deliveries are valid. We reserve ourselves the right to modify the prices further to the variation of exchange rates.

Delivery costs

We record in the account all costs for the dispatch of the purchased products. The cost varies according to the purchased quantity and the destination of the merchandise that is to be delivered. You may choose the transport method you prefer: Express Courier or Romanian Mail Service.

After finalizing the order further to choosing the products, the cost of the transport is specified before the Checkout stage, thus before finalizing the order.


GVS Tecno Consenerg SRL manages the payments through the Card Sigur with Visa and MasterCard Banking System and the payments through the Paypal Service. For orders to countries outside the EU, the beneficiary should pay the local/national duties and sales taxes (VAT). For sales to individuals from the EU is currently applied the VAT rate from Romania (24%).

Distributors, retailers and wholesalers outside Romania, but having nevertheless the registered office on the territory of the European Union, should supply their valid VAT number, so that the application of the Romanian VAT should not be charged. Deliveries of products purchased by legal entities (Dealers/Distributors/Retailers) shall be performed directly to the address where the company is registered.

Cancellation right

Purchases performed from the online shop of GVS Tecno Consenerg S.R.L. may be cancelled and returned within a term of 14 days as of delivery,  but not later than three days as of receiving the goods. The product has to be returned in its original condition, not be used, but possibly only taken out of the package for verification purposes and then rewrapped as it was on delivery. Products should be returned in their original wrapping or, if opened, they have to be put in a similar wrapping. Products should not present defaults. Costs for the return of the purchased product shall be incurred by the buyer and the returned goods should be remitted to the address of GVS from where it was dispatched. The dispatcher is liable for the loss of the returned products


 For the products purchased from GVS Tecno Consenerg S.R.L., the warranty terms are the following:

  • For Burners (all models) is granted a warranty of 1 year. Burners are not covered by the warranty if they are returned dismantled and/or modified;
  • For EBP (Extended Body pins) jacks is granted a warranty of 1 year. Jacks are not covered by the warranty if they are returned dismantled and/or modified;
  • The Foam, Thread, Hooks, Wings, Legs for the Pupae and other consumption goods are not covered by the warranty. They shall be reimbursed only if presenting obvious defaults at the moment when the Buyer receives the goods, in accordance with the Return Policy.

Procedures to return goods and the reimbursement warranty (waiver of the order)

For the return of goods, you should remit an e-mail at the following address: in order to obtain an authorization code that you will use to return the products. The goods should be returned without defects. Ensure yourselves that the products are adequately wrapped, preferably in the original wrapping. The Buyer is the only liable for the dispatch of the goods until the arrival thereof at our registered office from Romania. Returned goods shall not be accepted before verifying the content of the package.

Once accepted, the adequate reimbursement of the returned order, the payment shall be performed by the same method used by the Buyer on purchase. If the returned goods are not accepted, they will be sent again to the Client, who is bound to pay the transport costs. Goods returned without a license number shall be sent back to the Client, who shall incur the transport cost.

Complaint / Delivery Error

If something went wrong during the delivery process, contact our client service at the e-mail address: The error should be notified within a term of 2 days as of receiving the goods. As of receiving the goods and after the verification confirming the error of GVS Tecno Consenerg S.R.L., the latter shall incur the expenses of the transport and  of replacing the products.

GVS Tecno Consenerg S.R.L. undertakes to always apply and observe the terms of A.N.P.C. (Autoritatea Nationala pentru Protectia Consumatorilor – National Authority for Consumer Protection).

Reservation and preparation of order dispositions

We assume no liability for: printing and transcription errors, data errors, errors in the specifications of the products and errors in the information on the products that are displayed on our webpage. As the images of the materials are illustrations, they do not always have the same appearance with such of the product or a perfectly similar colour. We reserve ourselves the right to modify the prices. This can happen if our supplier or producer performs modifications in the financial standing of the products. Once ordered and paid, products shall not be subject to price modifications.

Confidentiality and privacy

At the moment of registering yourself on our webpage as a Client, when you supply your personal data, you authorize GVS Tecno Consenerg S.R.L. to process them for usage purposes, in order to allow us to perform the operations and obligations undertaken towards you in regard to purchases. GVS Tecno Consenerg S.R.L. undertakes not to use/transmit your personal data to third parties, observing the effective Law on Confidentiality and Private Data Processing.


GVS Tecno Consenerg S.R.L. uses on its webpage cookies to warrant and efficient and user-friendly e-commerce method. Such are used for you to log into your account and for the shopping basket. Cookies are used by us to manage and optimize our market system.

In order to benefit of the warranty of proper operation and use of the services set available by our webpage, ensure yourselves that your browser accepts the cookies and if needed, agree to receive them. We assume no liability for the default operation of our webpage, except such managed by our Web Master.

Purchases performed by Minors

GVS Tecno Consenerg S.R.L. does not accept and does not sell products to Clients, who have not turned 18 years without the written agreement of parents. The age of the Client considered by us is the one resulting at the moment of placing the order.


If possible disputes deriving from operations of purchasing and using these Sales Terms and Conditions are not amicably solved, arbitration between the parties shall take place, mediated by A.N.P.C. (Autoritatea Nationala pentru Protectia Consumatorilor - National Authority for Consumer Protection) from Romania. The possible arbitration shall tke place at the registered office of A.N.P.C. from Bucharest, Romania.  

Force Majeure

Force Majeure shall mean an unforeseen event and/or a natural disaster,  case in which the parties can no longer observe the procedures of this agreement and can no longer manage and fulfil their undertakings.

Examples of events including Force Majeure:
War and/or military revolts;
Natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes, floods, natural disasters;
Obstacles in the Customs;
Interruptions in the transport services, strikes, storms, fires, floods and sabotage.

Contact Data

S.C. GVS Tecno Consenerg S.R.L.

Sos. Unirri nr. 340, Vila 11 p.c. 077015 Sat Balotesti Comuna Balotesti ( ILFOV ) Romania

Mail address:

Phone no. Mobil 0040(0)728.446.246, 0040(0)728.446.245

Phone no. Office 0040(0)372.910.041