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The GVS CB-1/4 model to make Realistic Wings of Caddisfly (Trichoptera) using the GVS CW-1/4 model for Fly in the stage of Adult.

Burners are made of Surgical Stainless Steel, satin, antimagnetic, antacid, anti-glare, are made of two Lamellas with the Wing profile and are assembled by welding. By this type of assembly is warranted that the two lamellas in the part with the Wing profile will not move sideways during the process of executing the Wing and thus will be avoided that the latter should be erroneously made. On each Burner is marked by laser printing the own code in order to facilitate the recognition and to enable the identification in choosing the Wings. Every Burner Pack contains the instruction manual to get Realistic Wings.

Download the Manual with the Instructions for Use

4 Products
4 Products